Kaye Kirst

Switzerland/Great Britain
Artist Biography

From my studies until now, I have taken up ideas in my artwork and developed them thematically. All of my work stems from photographic material either taken myself or based on photographic images out of the print media. Themes that have inspired me over the years have varied from architectural forms, ornamental forms found in Chinese landscape gardening, through to work depicting the figure, either in a group or individually.
The figure has been a dominant feature over the last three years, especially in one series from 2014-2016, which depicts a young woman. What fascinated me here, was the actual creation of an image itself, even when a single image was repeated each work developed its own character, in that no two pictures turned out exactly the same. The fine distinction between the figurative and abstraction was also paramount here, allowing me to experiment with the application of chalk pastels and paint, where the figure is still present, but combined with an energetic free flowing play of colour.
Finally in my latest series, I have returned to architecture, an old factory stands at the water’s edge, where the structural forms of the building are balanced by the flowing softer play of the paint in the water. Parallel to this series, still being drawn to the figure and my personal admiration of Francis Bacon’s work, I decided to try out my own scream, bringing across a sensation of raw emotion.

Individual and Group Exhibitions
2016 Trotte Ortsmuseum, CH-Arlesheim
2016 LISTE TOTAL- Art Fair Basel, CH-Basel
2016 Basel Art Center, CH-Basel
2015 Schloss Pratteln, CH-Pratteln
2010 Orangerie-Merian Park, CH Münchenstein
2008 Galerie A&A, CH Reinach
2006 Kronenmattsaal, CH Binningen
2004 Lingne-Roset, CH Basel
2003 Trotte Ortsmusem, CH Arlesheim1996
1998 Trotte Ortmuseum, CH Arlesheim
1996 Forum Regio Galerie, D-Weil am Rhein

Gallery Artist

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